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SHARE in the Czech Republic

Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

Welcome to the official website of the SHARE project in the Czech Republic. 
SHARE is a multi-disciplinary international time-collection database of microdata on health, socioeconomic status and social and family networks of approximately 150,000 individuals (over 530,000 interviews) aged 50+ from all EU countries, Switzerland and Israel.

All information on the project can be found at its official website at

This English language website has its mirror website in Czech language.

The data collection is carried out by the SCaC agency. More information on the project can be found on their website.

News and innovations in the 10th wave of the SHARE project

In the 10th wave of the SHARE project in the Czech Republic we are planning several important innovations. The Czech team in cooperation with the SCaC survey agency has successfully completed the collection of HCAP (Human Cognitive Ability Protocol) data on cognition in wave 9 and the collection of accelerometry data in wave 8. We are planning even more extensive collection of objective data, so-called biomarkers, in Wave 10. This project will be carried out in collaboration with the large RECETOX research infrastructure at Masaryk University in Brno. It will also include a test of smell, speech and a questionnaire on REM sleep quality in cooperation with the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University and the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Fieldwork in Wave 9 Data Collection of the SHARE project successfully completed

In September 2022, the survey agency SCaC successfully completed the 9th wave of SHARE-ERIC data collection. Two important innovations were a part of the 9th wave: the extensive test of cognitive abilities (the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol) and the interviewer survey. As always, external researchers placed their own questions in the dropoff questionnaire. We are again very thankful to all respondents and interviewers for their cooperation. More information can be found at websites of SCaC survey agency and here.

Wave 9 Data Collection of the SHARE project has started

The 9th wave of SHARE-ERIC data collection continues till the end of summer 2022. The interview is again supplemented by the national dropoff questionnaire and in this wave also by a test of cognitive abilities for some respondents (the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol). Besides the Czech Republic, HCAP is also collected in four other SHARE countries. The fieldwork is done by the SCaC survey agency. All interviewers have completed their vaccination against Covid-19. We are very thankful to all respondents and interviewers for their cooperation. More information can be found at websites of SCaC survey agency and here.

Data from Wave 8 of the SHARE project are available for download

Data from all countries participating in the 8the wave of the SHARE-ERIC project, including data from the special SHARE Covid-19 questionnaire, are available for download at, with full documentation, and other information at and Data are in open access in STATA and SPSS formats, with data from national dropoff questionnaire (dropoff, module sharew8_rel1-0-0_dropoff) put together by external researchers cooperating with SHARE-CZ. Special questionnaire Covid-CZ collected during the second wave of the pandemic in fall 2020 only in the Czech Republic is in the module sharew8_rel1-0-0_xc.

Collection of the Covid-19 CATI Survey Has Started

A second interview on the Covid-19 epidemic in all SHARE-ERIC countries has started. We would like to ask all respondents for cooperation. In the Czech Republic, it is already a third CATI interview on Covid-19. The collected data will allow reserchers to compare the consequences of the epidemic over time, to understand changes in behavior and to evaluate the effectiveness of government policies. More information is on the SCAC survey agencies website.

Offer for placing research questions in the SHARE Wave 9 questionnaire in the Czech Republic

As in previous waves of the SHARE project, we offer all researchers, and especially students, the opportunity to place their own questions in the drop-off questionnaire in Wave 9 in the Czech Republic. With your help, we will be preparing the next dropoff questionnaire in May and June 2021. All information and contacts can be found here.

Interviewers' Training for the Spring CATI Telephone Interview about Covid-19

The second special telephone interview (CATI) on Covid-19 epidemic will start in May and June 2021. The interviewers' training has already started in March and April.

Wave 9 Scheduled for Fall 2021

The 9th wave of SHARE-ERIC will be collected in late fall 2021 and will end in spring 2022. We hope that the interview will be conducted as the usual face-to-face (CAPI) interview.

Special Wave 8 Covid-19 Data Release

Data from special CATI interviews collected in June-August 2020 are released in an open-access regime at The SHARE Wave 8 COVID-19 data allow examining in-depth how the risk group of the older individuals is coping with the health-related and socioeconomic impact of COVID-19. The great advantage of these data is the possibility to measure and interpret differences in a cross-country and a longitudinal dimension. The European Commission supports our COVID-19 research project (SHARE-COVID19) with funds provided by Horizon 2020 and the Coronavirus Global Response.

Wave 9 will include Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP) study

As one of six countries of SHARE project, the Czech Republic will participate in the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP) study in Wave 9 in 2021-22. This study consists of a supplemental in-home 1-hour battery of cognitive tests to about 500 respondents aged 65+ and a 20-minute informant interview for the identification of early onset of cognitive impairment, dementia and the Alzheimer disease. Data will be linked to the main longitudinal SHARE data and will provide an unprecedented opportunity to better understand trends in the incidence and prevalence of dementia in Europe. The HCAP has been already collected in the Health and Retirement Study (USA) and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.

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