Program codes for STATA, SPSS and R

Downloading and directories

All codes are saved with extension *.txt. (Otherwise they will not download)
Save them with the appropriate extension *.do, *.R, or *.sps.

Directories must be adjusted to the location of your data:
For example, change the directory
global datadir "d:\work\sharew5_rel1-0-0"
global datadir "d:\work\SHARE\Wave2004\Data\sharew1_rel2-6-0"

to your working directory, for example
global datadir "c:\soubory\SHARE\my_data"

Teaching materials (text in CZ)

Mendel University - presentation How to use data SHARE
Mendel University - SPSS How to use data SHARE


Program for working with easySHARE
A very good introduction to easySHARE data is in this working paper.


Programs for codebooks for each wave (including dropoffs):

Codebook for Wave 2
Codebook for Wave 3
Codebook for Wave 4
Codebook for Wave 5   
Codebook for Wave 6
Codebook for Wave 7
for Wave 8 CATI1

How to merge/join modules and longitudinal waves

Wave 1 (all countries, some modules)  
Wave 2
(all countries, some modules)  
Wave 3
(all countries, some modules)  
Wave 4
(all countries, some modules)  
Wave 5 (all countries, some modules)  
Wave 6 (data for CZ, otherwise the file is too large) 
Wave 7 (data for CZ, otherwise the file is too large)  

Wave 8 CATI1 (data for CZ, otherwise the file is too large)  

Merging waves 1, 2, 3, 4 a 5
(all countries, other waves to be added in the same way)

Merging waves 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (data for CZ, otherwise the file is too large)  

STATA codes for Teacher turnover: What can we learn from Europe?
(Miroslava Federičová, CERGE-EI)




Syntax_SPSS_example for working with data
Syntax_SPSS_how to use dropoff

Syntax_SPSS_how to use NUTS
Syntax_SPSS_how to use imputations

Syntax merging modules and waves


Useful functions and libraries share-initialize.R share-functions.R
Programs for loading data: share-data-cv_r.R share-data-cc.R share-data-gv_children.R share-data-health.R share-data-dn.R
Programs for coding of loaded data: share-cv_r.R share-cc.R share-gv_children.R share-health.R share-dn.R
Programs for merging loaded and coded data: