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SHARE-Covid19 CATI Project

SHARE collected two special surveys on Covid19 both in CATI mode. The first survey was collected in June-August 2020, the second CATI was collected in summer 2021.

In addition, the Czech Republic added an additional CATI-CZ Covid19 survey in October-December 2020.

All three surveys have a panel structure with repeated questions to capture changes in our respondents lives during the pandemic. All CATI Covid19 data habe been linked to main longitudinal SHARE data.

CATI1, CATI-CZ and CATI2 data have been already released.

More details can be found at SHARE-Covid19 website

Understanding non-intended consequences of epidemic control decisions to contain the pandemic

The non-intended consequences of the epidemic control decisions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic are huge and affect the well-being of European citizens in terms of economics, social relationships and health: Europe is experiencing the largest recession since World War II, social contacts have been interrupted and people avoid seeking medical treatment in fear of infection.

The overarching objective of the SHARE-COVID19 project is to understand these non-intended consequences and to devise improved health, economic and social policies. In our policy recommendations, we strive to make healthcare systems and societies in the European Union more resilient to pandemics in terms of prevention, protection and treatment of the population 50+, a most vulnerable part of the population.

The project aims to identify healthcare inequalities before, during and after the pandemic, to understand the lockdown effects on health and health behaviours, to analyse labour market implications of the lockdown, to assess the impacts of pandemic and lockdown on income and wealth inequality, to mitigate the effects of epidemic control decisions on social relationships and to optimise future epidemic control measures by taking the geographical patterns of the disease and their relationship with social patterns into account as well as to better manage housing and living arrangements choices between independence, co-residence or institutionalisation.

The project pursues a transdisciplinary and internationally comparative approach by exploiting the data sources of the SHARE research infrastructure. It covers all EU Member States. The Max Planck Society is responsible for the project coordination. The project has started on 1 November 2020 and will end on 30 October 2023.